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Not quite ready to purchase your own photo surface or shape set? Need a trial before making the best decision of your life? Stop by our shop to check out our current inventory of finishes ready for rental! Surface availability is constantly changing, so check in and take a look for yourself!

Rental Prices:  $50-$75/day, or $200-$250/week
Pickup:  Free

Deliver/Return: Inquire by contacting Ginny at
714-348-1597 or

Shape Set Collection (White and Black)

Square Shape Set (White and Black)

Circle Shape Set (White and Black)

Custom Shapes

Sawdust 34"x34"

Marble 34"x34"

Stormy Sea 34"x34"

Terra Firma 34"x34"

Distressed White 34"x34"

Thrashed Brown 34"x34"

Blush 34"x34"

Creamy Asphalt 34"x34"

Asphalt 34"x34"

Rustic Distressed White 34"x34"

Antique Turquoise Green 34"x34"

Black Granite 34"x34"

Blue Granite 34"x34"

Stormy Silver 21"x34" and 34"x34"

Cafe Table 34"x34"

Dark Brown 34"x34"

Antique Turquoise Blue 34"x34"

Creamy Asphalt 22"x34"

Plaster - Sunflower 34"x34"
P0004 Plaster Sunflower

Plaster - Rusted Green 34"x34"
P0005 Plaster Rusted Green

Plaster - Stormy Black 34"x34"
P0006 Plaster Stormy Black

Plaster - Khaki 34"x34"
P0007 Plaster Sawdust

Plaster - Light Blue 34"x34"
P0009 Plaster Light Blue

Planked - Vintage 34"x34"
PL0001 Planked Vintage

Planked - Bright Turquoise 20"x32"
PL0002 Bright Turquoise

Creamy White Tobacco Lath 21"x34"
PL0003 Creamy White Tobacco Lath

Planked - Brown Tobacco Lath 34"x34"
PL0006 Planked Brown Tobacco Lath

Stormy White 34"x34"
S0001 Smooth Stormy White

Creamy Concrete 34"x34"
S0003 Smooth Creamy Concrete

Molten 34"x34"
S0004 Smooth Molten

Dark Concrete 34"x34"
S0005 Smooth Dark Concrete
--Additional Surfaces--

Charcoal 34"x34" and 34"x48"
Farmhouse White 34"x34"
Shabby Chic 34"x34" and 34"x48"
Black Plaster 34"x34"
White Plaster 34"x34"
Light Concrete 34"x34"
Cookie Sheet 34"x34"
Graffiti 34"x34"
Purple/Black Plaster 34"x48"
Stone 34"x34"
Turquoise/Black Plaster 34"x48"
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