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The mundane noise of life mutes your creativity. We provide the backdrop you need to spark your unique vision and voice so you can craft beautiful stories every day.

Our story could sound a lot like yours. Art was something we did on the side due to the craziness of life. I had just been laid off from a job in real estate I held for 12 years. Our kids were both about to start school and we were trying to figure out what we could do next. We started making and selling furniture out of our tiny 1-car condo garage and ended up custom making surfaces for a photographer. What started as a side hustle quickly became our full time gig. The day we realized I could paint and create beautiful backdrops all day, and support my family doing so, I felt a fire light inside me and there was no going back!

Erickson Surfaces exists to equip other artists to craft beautiful stories. The people in our community are dynamic, they are creative and resourceful, they help others, they make us hungry, they hustle hard. This journey hasn't been without trials and we've learned a lot of hard lessons, but we've also seen the beauty in this community and how we come together. We love seeing our art and our story become a part of your art and your story. 


Ginny Erickson

Founder / Lead Artist

Hey friends, I’m Ginny and I started @EricksonSurfaces out of my tiny 1-car garage back in 2013 after being laid off from a job in real estate. My husband (who was already working full time as a counselor) and I busted our butts and quickly turned our side hustle into my full time gig. The past 8 years making surfaces has brought so much joy into my life. I have an wonderful team, I get to work with amazingly talented clients, and I get to paint every day. For work. Like what?!

Lilia Gonzalez

Studio Assistant / Artist

Hello! My name is Lilia @liliamarisa and I began with the Erickson team in January 2020 as an artist/studio assistant. A friend of mine, Anne, had previously worked for Ginny for several years and she introduced the two of us when Erickson Surfaces was in need of a second pair of hands to create. From day one, Ginny and I just clicked as creators, friends, and teammates.

My favorite thing about working at @EricksonSurfaces is seeing Ginny, Ramon, and I come together with our different creative strengths and forming new surfaces, shapes, and concepts. Ginny has created such a safe, fun working environment that I hesitate to even call it “work” because I truly enjoy and look forward to going in to the studio everyday. Each day with this team is an opportunity to create newness and I am inspired daily by these wonderful people I am surrounded with.

Ramon Gomez

Designer / Photographer

Hey hey! My name is Ramon @theprinceandtheproper and I joined the Erickson Surfaces team in December 2020. I was a long-time fan of Ginny's work, becoming an official customer in 2017 when I needed surfaces to photograph with stationery products. We became fast friends and worked on a few personal projects together. In a twist of fate, Ginny posted in her stories that she was in need of a carpenter to help build her surfaces. I brushed off a skillset that I hadn't used since my high school woodshop days and re-learned how to use a table saw, miter saw, planer and jointer. Somehow I managed to keep all 10 fingers and my role evolved into designer and photographer.

I'm an end-to-end designer and working at @EricksonSurfaces enables me to experience both sides, from manufacturer to consumer. In these short 9 months, I've learned more than I ever thought I could about maintaining and growing a small business.

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