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All of our surfaces are now 50% thinner and up to 40% lighter than previous Erickson Surfaces products.  This makes moving, storing, and shooting so much easier!


We offer surfaces in three standard sizes:  21"x34", 34"x34", and 34"x48".  If you would like to order a custom size, please contact us prior to purchase so we can send you a custom quote.  

Our surfaces are 1/2"-3/4" thick and are designed to be light enough to be comfortably carried by any user.


All of our surfaces are double sided and finished on a "planked" or "smooth" surface. 



Keep in mind that every Erickson Surfaces board is made to order.  Therefore, not every surface is going to be exactly the same as the one pictured in the listing.  If you would like to request a custom surface, complete the Custom Surface Consultation Request form


  1. Please hang on to the packaging materials your board arrived in- they can be used for storage and transport of your surfaces.

  2. When storing surfaces, we recommend you keep them upright in a cool, dry place with no exposure to direct sunlight. If you are leaning boards against a wall or each other, line them with the saved packaging material.

  3. During use, be careful not to place anything hot on the surfaces as this could affect the finish. Do not use your photography surface as a cutting board as this will damage the look and finish. Water or liquids can be used on the surface for short periods of time, but be sure to wipe them up immediately when finished and dry thoroughly before returning to storage.

  4. While our surfaces are sealed for stain prevention, they aren’t food safe, and food placed directly on the surface should be discarded.

  5. Cleaning tips- our surfaces are all coated with a water-based matte polyurethane to help prevent stains. Most spills can be cleaned up with a damp, soft (lint-free) cloth, but tougher marks may require warm water and clear, mild dish soap. Be sure to rub softly so as to not damage or wear down the surface.

  6. Textured surfaces can be cleaned with a soft bristled brush or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Use care not to scratch the surface by pressing too hard.

  7. Please contact us immediately if your surface arrives damaged by either emailing us with photos at Ginny@EricksonSurfaces.com or by phone (714) 790-4011.

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